Hello guys, here is a list of All chief minister of Bihar since 1946 to till date. This Bihar CM list is important for people who like politics, college students and this list is also very important for competitive examination like Bihar-PSC, UPSC, SSC CGL and other general competition. First Chief minister of Bihar was Krishna Singh and he belongs to Indian National Congress. He became the chief minister before independence of India on 02/04/1946.

Krishna SinghIndian National Congress02/04/1946 to 31/01/1961
Deep Narayan SinghIndian National Congress01/02/1961 to 18/02/1991
Binodanand JhaIndian National Congress18/02/1961 to 02/10/1963
K.B.SahayIndian National Congress02/10/1963 to 05/03/1967
Mahamaya Prasad SinhaJana Kranti Dal05/03/1967 to 28/01/1968
Satish Prasad SinghIndian National Congress28/01/1968 to 01/02/1968
B. P. MandalIndian National Congress01/02/1968 to 02/03/1968
Bhola Paswan ShastriIndian National Congress22/03/1968 to 29/06/1968
President’s Rule29/06/1968 to 26/02/1968
Harihar SinghIndian National Congress26/02/1969 to 22/06/1969
Bhola Paswan ShastriIndian National Congress22/06/1969 to 04/07/1969
President’s Rule06/07/1969 to 16/02/1970
Daroga Prasad RaiIndian National Congress16/02/1970 to 22/12/1970
Karpoori ThakurSocialist Party22/12/1970 to 02/06/1971
Bhola Paswan ShastriIndian National Congress02/06/1971 to 09/01/1972
President’s Rule09/01/1972 to 19/03/1972
Kedar PandeyIndian National Congress19/03/1972 to 02/07/1973
Abdul GafoorIndian National Congress02/07/1973 to 11/04/1975
Jagannath MishraIndian National Congress11/04/1975 to 30/04/1977
President’s Rule30/04/1977 to 24/06/1977
Karpoori ThakurJanta Party24/06/1977 to 21/04/1979
Ram Sundar DasJanta Party21/04/1979 to 17/02/1980
President’s Rule17/02/1980 to 08/06/1980
Jagannath MishraIndian National Congress08/06/1980 to 14/08/1983
Chandra Shekhar SinghIndian National Congress14/08/1983 to 12/03/1985
Bindeshwari DubeyIndian National Congress12/03/1985 to 13/02/1988
Bhagwaat Jha AzadIndian National Congress14/02/1988 to 10/03/1989
Satyendra Narayan SinhaIndian National Congress11/03/1989 to 06/12/1989
Jagannath MishraIndian National Congress06/12/1989 to 10/03/1990
Lalu Prasad YadavJanta Dal10/03/1990 to 28/03/1995
President’s Rule28/03/1995 to 04/04/1995
Lalu Prasad YadavRashtriya Janta Dal04/04/1995 to 25/07/1997
Rabri DeviRashtriya Janta Dal25/07/1997 to 11/02/1999
President’s Rule12/02/1999 to 08/03/1990
Rabri DeviRashtriya Janta Dal09/03/1999 to 02/03/2000
Nitish KumarJanta Dal (United)03/03/2000 to 10/03/2000
Rabri DeviRashtriya Janta Dal11/03/2000 to 06/03/2005
Nitish Kumar 

Janta Dal (United)

24/11/2005 to 20 /05/2014
Jitan Ram Manghi20/05/2014 to 22/05/2015
Nitish kumar22/05/2015 to Present

Nitish Kumar is the Present Chief minister of Bihar from Janta Dal (United). He elected as Chief minister of Bihar on May 2015. The Bihar election is about to come and he is the CM candidate form his party Janta Dal (united).

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