How to crack bank  po/ clerk exam in two month or in first attempt or in 60 days : tricks how to crack or clear IBPS, SBI, RBI bank po /mt, clerk /assistant exam in first attempt or in 2 month. Now many of you are thinking it is impossible to crak any bank exam within two month of preparation. But my friend if you have will than you can crack any type of Bank exam with the preparation of two month. But for that you have to work very hard with smartness. And here I am telling you the best way or you can say simple tricks to clear Bank exam in two month.

Set your Goal as per your ability :

First of all you have to set a goal that you want to clear IBPS PO or IBPS Clerk or SBI PO or SBI Clerk etc. Now you are thinking about why it is necessary ? So my friend this is necessary because every type of exam have its different pattern and you have to work hard with smartness for a particular exam. So choose only single exam and don’t even think for the other exam if you want to clear the Bank exam with two month preparation.

Check out the full syllabus and ticks of the easiest topics :

Now after choosing the examination you have to read the full syllabus of the exam. First read full syllabus and after that tick the easy topics or all the topics you know very well with green pen. Now read one more time and this time tick the topics that you can learn easily with yellow pen. Now also select the topics that you think, these are out of my reach with red pen. Now make three columns and write down all topics tick wise in three columns. Now you are thinking what is the benefit of this task ? . Let me tell you the benefit of this task. You don’t need to work hard with Green colour ticked topics and you need to work with yellow color topics and don’t touch the red colour topics unless and until your selected topics are more than of 50% of syllabus.

Set your routine for the Study :

Third step is set your routine for the study. As you are trying to crack bank exam in two moth so you have to make a study chart that must full fill your need. Divide the time period for all the subjects as per the difficulty level. Like your English is very good then give less time to English and increase time for aptitude or reasoning. Before dividing the time period first attempt a Mock test. That will tell you about your subject knowledge. At least give 2 hour for each and every subject. Give 3 hour for aptitude 3 hour for Reasoning, 1 hour for computer, 1 hour for Marketing, 3 hour for English, 3 hour for General awareness. Your 14 hours are reserved for the study. Now move to the next point.

Attempt mock test or Practice test daily :

When you complete the 14 hour of study now its time to check how much you learned today. Search for the Practice test for the topics you have studied whole day and attempt practice test or Mock test. We are also providing Mock test on

But the material on our site is still not enough to crack the Bank exam (Still we are updating on daily basis so you can check regularly). So  buy a Mock test book and try to solve test every day before sleep. Keep in mind your Aim is to clear the Bank PO/ Clerk exam in first attempt or in two month of preparation.

Solve Previous year paper on regular interval:

Your next step is to solve previous year question paper on regular interval like you have 10 question papers. So you have to solve 1 question paper every week. With this question paper you will get to know about the difficulty level of the Bank exam.

Group Discussion:

Many people will suggest you for a healthy group discussion with friends. But as per my opinion avoid group discussion with friends. Because a group discussion with friends always kills the time. You can start a discussion on educational topic but slowly slowly it will goes to toward unwanted topics like movies, Politics, Religion, Parties and If  you are a boy then it may also goes on Girls Whisky etc and then your Goal of Cracking Bank exam in two months may turn into Dil Dosti etc that ends after many hours. So Use educational forums for discussion

Also Check: Aptitude Tutorial for Bank Exams

Use Forum to ask your Doubts:

As per may experience only 4-5% candidate use forum for discussion. Maximum candidates don’t know how use forums and how to get benefits from educational forum. So guys Just think you are solving a question of reasoning of aptitude or other subject. But you have any doubt regarding solution or the short trick. Then you can ask with other candidates to know the correct way to solve that problem. You can also asked to the Forum Moderators. This thing will help you to crack your bank clerk / PO exam easily.

Things to be avoided during preparation:

  • More communication less study
  • Clear the program of study with your gf/bf, Otherwise she/he will fight with you and it is the main reason of maximum people’s frustration.
  • Also tell about your Aim to your family member and tell them not to disturb.
  • Keep your mind fresh with music and Books. Avoid movies
  • Unwanted Friend Circle
  • Hobbies apart from Banking
  • Reading novel
  • Cricket/Football match
  • Jealousy
  • Laziness

Practice With Our Free Practice Test for IBPS Bank Exams: 


    • Humne 2013 se apna maximum work free rakha hai aur jo paid bhi h usko log purchase nahi krte to ab humare paas itna fund nahi h ki writers ko pay kar payen aur is section ko jaari rakh payen.

    • You can read newspaper with dictionary to improve your English vocabulary, comprehension and re arrangement.

      To score more in Bank exam you have to focus on the topics like Error finding, Cloze Test, Fill in the blanks and for that your can use English Grammar book of class 10th and 12th.

  1. Thank u sir/mam for your suggestion, is there any specific websites for learning aptitude sections with short cut tricks specially for probationary officers. pls let me know if is it so

  2. hell sir i have started to prepare for bank exam by last year only. i got failed in the exams whatever i have written last year to till date. also i can write only bank po exam only by this year. i can not write clerical level exams due to my age lack. i am avg in all sections but weak in aptitude section. so pls suggest me how to prepare and clear ibps po by this year.

    • Hello Satish, as you said you are weak in Aptitude section, So I would like to suggest you to do Practice as much as you can. But along with that you also must have to learn the short tricks, table, square, cube and their root upto 35 and formula.
      Try to cover 1 chapter in a 2-3 days and attempt practice test after your study work to check how much you get.
      Do same thing with other sections also because for any bank exam you must have to clear the individual subject cut off.
      Repetitive smart hard work will led you to success in upcoming exam.

  3. Can you please help me out how to study for maths and reasoning sections for SBI clerk as I have resigned from my job and in the last year’s ibps pre I missed it by 0.25 marks

    • Hello. Yes we will definitely. Sorry to hear about your IBPS. Maths and Reasng are the section in which you have to practice more and more. you missed only by 0.25 marks means you prepared well. Now the only thing you have to do is practice. Now start the practice papers of Math and Reas. You have to practice online and offline also. For online practice you can refer our test portal “” and For offline just purchase a practice book of kiran publication and finish it before exam.
      You are on the edge. just cross the line by smart hard work. our wishes are always with you.

  4. hi,
    i want to prepare for rbi assistant exam ,but this is my first and last chance as i am 28.please guide me that is it possible to clear this exam in first attempt.I am an everage student.when will be the rbi assistant exam 2016-17 approx.Please i need your help.

    • Hello, Ritu, last year RBI assistant recruitment notification came in the month of June. So we can predict this year also they publish notification in June-july.
      But before that you have to prepare according to the syllabus. Because the level of competition is very tough of RBI.

      There are 5 sections Reasoning, English, Numeric Ability, General Awareness & Computer Awareness.

      So divide your time in 5 part. In 4 Part study the Reasoning, English, Numeric Ability & General Awareness on daily basis. In 5th part study Computer awareness and attempt online mock test alternatively.

      As you said it’s your first attempt then give your 100%, if you really wants to crack RBI Assistant.

  5. Sir from which book or website we can study current affair topics?My aptitude is average but english is not so good what are the ways by which i can plan my strategy?

    • For Current Affairs you can read our Daily & Weekly Current Affairs articles. We also provide Monthly current affairs pdf, So you can prefer that. If you want to study the current affairs deeply then read “The Hindu” Newspaper daily with a dictionary. This will increase you GA as well as English vocab.

      Now come to aptitude: You can increase your aptitude by learning formula, Short Tricks and some predefined calculations like table, square, cube, square root, cube root etc. Other thing is practice as much as you can.

    • Yes, Enough time for Preparation. In the LIC AAO you will get questions from 1. Quant 2. Reasoning 3. English ( Specially Grammar) 4. Computer 5. General Knowledge & Current Affairs.
      You have to work for all these section collectively and everyday. So as start your preparation with a strategy according to the topics. Like divide you time in 6 slots. Give 5 slots to 1. Quant 2. Reasoning 3. English ( Specially Grammar) 4. Computer 5. General Knowledge & Current Affairs. and 6th Slot for Practice test.

    • If you are married then set a target according to your ability and time. Because a person know itself much better than other.

      Then write out the time span in which you are free or doing something that is not much important. After that set your goal like IBPS or SBI or RBI, Clerk or PO.

      Then try to study in those free hour. It may be very tough but if there is will there is way !!!

  6. thank you sir. sir i’m very weak in math. can you suggest a way to improve my skill within some days?

    • Hi,
      You can concentrate your mind by help of your firm determination.
      Prepare for your exam to achieve first position. that may help you to avoid any thing else.


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