This is an era of FinTech firms that can give all financial services online using Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the technology that is leading this decade in the financial sector especially. Here we will discuss INDmoney app and will determine, is it safe in India to buy or sell US Stocks via INDmoney.

What is INDmoney?

INDmoney is a super financial app founded by Mr. Ashish Kashyap in 2019. This app is owned by Finzoom Investment Advisors (P) Limited which is a SEBI registered advisory firm. INDmoney offers various services as below:

  1. US Stocks BUY or SELL
  2. Fixed Deposit of Various NBFCs
  3. Mutual Funds with zero commission
  4. Tracking of Indian Stocks purchased by you via your Stock Broker
  5. Tracking of CryptoCurrencies purchased by you via your Stock Broker
  6. Track all your financial net worth like PPF, NPS, Saving account, Fixed Deposit, Mutual Fund, Bonds, and other
What is indmoney
What is indmoney

How INDmoney works?

1. United States Stocks Buy or Sell-

-The very attractive feature of INDmoney is we can buy or sell 5000+ US stocks like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, Tesla, and many other stocks in India.

– To start investment in US stocks, INDmoney has a 2 in 1 Saving account by which we can deposit Indian currency and can convert is US currency automatically free of cost except for GST.

-INDmoney open your saving account in SBM Bank (India) Ltd which has a Banking License from RBI and open your US stock account for Investment in US stocks. We add Indian currency in SBM bank which converts into US currency with the fee of GST only. We will understand by the example here.

Deposit in SBM Bank= Rs.10, 000.00 (Indian Currency)

Conversion Rate =Rs.74.76 (From Rupees to Dollars)

GST Charges=Rs.45.00

Deposit in US Stock Account= $133.16

It means INDmoney does not charge any fee for deposits in the US stock account. This is very good for Investors.

-As we are all aware US tech stocks are very expensive so INDmoney enables us to buy the expensive stocks infraction.

-We can buy the Microsoft stock of Rs.100 which has the value of $296 per stock.

– We can also withdraw the fund from the US stock account with a nominal fee of $5 which is the lowest in India as claimed by the INDmoney app.

Benefits of US Stock Investment via INDmoney-

There are various benefits of US Stock investment via INDmoney as below:

  1. The User interface is very good and simple to understand.
  2. There is no conversion charge of currency except GST.
  3. The charges of withdrawal are the lowest in India.
  4. There are no hidden charges. Only GOI charges and US Govt charges will be applicable.

Is INDmoney safe or Legal?

Yes. INDmoney is completely safe and in Legal Framework to invest in US stock on behalf of Indian Investors. INDmoney is SEBI registered Firm and completes the all norms needed to invest in the US Stock market.

It is very important to diversify your portfolio. INDmoney is one of the best apps to invest in US Tech stocks especially. Investment in Mega Cap companies like Apple, Google, Adobe, etc gives the surety of good returns in the Long Term. These are the companies that are called the backbone of Global Technology.

Download IndMoney App and Earn Apple Stocks Free – Download IndMoney App

Keep Investing and Stay invested for Long Term.


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