Hello Yuvas, In this article I am going to tell you about Fake interview call letter, fake placement agencies and Job fraud that is in trend now a days. As you know our population is growing day by day. Every year Crores of students getting their Degree and trying to search job. By increasing of candidate the competition in every sector also gets increased even in private sector or in govt sector. This is the main reason of growth of Fraud placement agencies or fake interview call letter that are looting money from the innocent candidates. These type of fraud placement agencies search your resume from the Jon listing websites and then send you a fake interview call letter. Let’s discuss in detail how they are doing all this fraud process and Why they are succeeding day by day.


High competition is the primary reason of existence of these type fraud placement agencies. We all know there are limited jobs in every sector but the candidates are increasing day by day. So they take the advantage of your necessity and loot money from you.

Lack of Knowledge

Lack of knowledge is also a major cause for this problem. Fraud placement agencies will tell you about the many procedure to get a job and for every procedure there is a fee set by them, Let’s take some example,

Registration fee :  Every Placement agency take some amount of money from the candidate as registration in their company. Some gives life time validity and some give 3 month to 1 year. The registration money is not to large it’s around 500 rs to 3000 rs, as per the Job or “Murga” “candidates”. Before registration they will tell you that your resume has been selected for “ XYZ Company” or in any MNC, are you interested to do this job ?


Document Verification FeeWhen you will clear first round ( Registration ) they will tell you about document verification. As you know document verification process normally carried by the company, But fake placement agencies will tell you to pay some amount of money and they will start document verification process. At that time will show you like they are helping you but in real they are Looting you and making you again a ” Bakra” . humara-bakra

Donation for HR : When you complete the second process “The Bakra Stage “. Now it’s time to eat you mean “Ab bakra katne ka time aa gya hai” . They will arrange an interview with a fake HR named by any company ” Name to suna hi hoga Bhai MNC hai” . That HR will take interview like normal interview but during interview he will ask some questions and about your experience. If you said you are fresher ” Fake placement agencies ” get another strong point to “Cut the bakra”  and make Biryani


If you are such a big fool and still gave money for them then they will start giving you dates for your joining. You will Sir, wo HR sir se baat hui ? , They will tell many reasons like abhi wo busy hai, Under process hai, bus aa hi raha hai etc. etc. Now your condition will become like this horse ” Bhag Dhanno, in kutton k piche” . placement-agencies

This was a general fraud that is happening all over India. Now comes to the Job Fraud in Banking section that was recently in news :

Fake Placement in Bank

Recently our Indian police crack a case of fraud joining in a government bank in 2014.They all were member of a fraud group. They promised many candidates after Written exam to get finally shortlisted in interview and they asked heavy money (Around 2 lac to 3 lac) depends on designation whether its officer rank or clerical rank to each candidate who was interested to get selection on the basis of money not hard work.

They were not giving joining, they were just confusing the aspirants and their parents. They made a fake website (Almost similar name) of that bank and uploaded the fake list of selected candidates to fraud the aspirants. Many aspirants believed them and their parents gave the heavy money but the selection was not the truth. The truth is that all the aspirants and their parents are being fooled by the fraud group. At last our police arrested the chief of group but it was impossible for all the parents to get their money back and they suffered a heavy loss.

So always remember some points if you are preparing for any exam or searching job:

  • Any Govt Bank does not demand any money before or after joining.
  • Don’t be confused about BOND money. BOND is a signed paper to pay penalty if you leave your job before a suitable time(According to org norms)
  • Any Pvt company does not demand to transfer money in their account. If they want security then they first give joining and then ask to sign a cheque in favor of official company name.
  • In case of govt job, No one can demand money to get you selected finally.

Download Fake Interview Call letter 

At last, prepare well, do hard work and don’t become greedy to get selection hurry on the basis of money. Remember one thing that hard work always pays and there is nothing equal to hard work.

Now If you think this this valuable then Do share as much as possible and aware candidates from these type of fake interview process. This can save money,time and tension of many students and candidates. Also share your views via comment.


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