Sometimes, Many aspirants feel loneliness during their struggle time or preparation time. They feel that no one is there for him or her, Family or Friends don’t give proper attention to them. It’s a common sign now days within many aspirants.

The main thing is that it doesn’t actually happen, only you feel that no one like you. During the preparation of any exam or any interview, the pressure on mind works towards the lonliness and this may cause harmful result.

Effect of Lonliness:

  • This feeling may break your full swing of preparation and you have to start again.
  • Lonliness causes insomnia and this may affect the efficiency of your body.
  • You may waste your precious time while thinking abou the persons.
  • It may affect the performence in exam.

Over all lonliness may cause harmful effects so please try to feel happy in any situation.

How to overcome this feeling:

The feeling of lonliness can be supress by making very small efforts.

  • First of all don’t feel that you are wasting money or time, you are preparing for your passion
  • Hardwork always pays so never get rid off from hard work
  • Dont break contacts from the friends
  • During preparation, you must not hang out with friends many times but you can do short talks with them to relax your mood.
  • Give some time to family, it will give the boost to your positive energy
  • Take parts in the celebration of festivals with Family and Friends
  • Take proper sleep so that you can avoid day dreaming easily
  • Always remember that your hard work and your God are always with you.

All of the above activities may consume your precious time so take care of time always while talking with friends or family or trying to take good sleep. Always remember that the ultimate goal of your life as now is to get selection as soon as possible.

Here we want to cite a Hindi Proverb “Jab Jaago Tab Savera” means you have enough time now to prpepare for the up-coming exams. Approx one month is in front of you to prepare for the IBPS RRB exam and you may easily crack the exam in one month by giving your 100% to your passion of Govt Job.

There are four exams by IBPS in the row:

  • IBPS RRB Clerk
  • IBPS Clerk

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So don’t feel lonely at any time. You are not alone now, the preparation of above four exams are with you all day & night. Prepare with the peak power of your firm determination to get selection. And the main thing is that when the above exams will no more with you then A Reputed Job will be with you for lifetime.

At last listen your heart but with mind and give your 100% to your passion.



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