Aspirants want to know that How to solve linear seating arrangement verbal reasoning questions easily with tips and tricks. Questions on linear seating arrangement are very oftenly asked in the competitive examinations. If a candidate don’t know the tricks to solve linear seating arrangement reasoning questions then it may be a time killing questions for him / her. In the competitions the value of time is more than a precious diamond. So today here we are with this simple tutorial to solve linear seating arrangement questions answers very easily.

Let’s start with the basics, imagine you are two friends sitting on a bench, now your friend may be on right or left to you and you both are facing to a same direction ( generally). Now another case you both are sitting on two benches, at this time may be you both are facing inward or outward ( There are two more cases but these type of questions are not important from exam point of view).

Form the above para you can understand that a single person can sit in front of you or in left of you or right of you. Now if the question is of single line then he / she can sit only left and right to you and if the question is of double line then he/she can sit in all three positions.

Now to solve seating arrangement we will take another example of a question.

Question: A,B,C,D,E,F,G seven person are sitting in a row facing toward east.

(i) G is third left to F and F is 4th right to E.

(ii) E is sitting between D and G

(iii) A is second from the right

(iv) B is sitting at left end and Just left to D

Steps to solve linear seating arrangement reasoning questions

(1)  First read the question carefully and draw 7 empty places for 7 persons with directions as shown in figure.

linear seating arrangement - 1
linear seating arrangement – 1

(2) Now identify the definite steps or sitting arrangement. For example the (iii) point and (iv) point both are definite and you can give a proper place to both.

First start with the (iii) Here B is sitting at left end and A is sitting at second from the right. Then fill the blanks from the definite given data.

linear seating arrangement - 2
linear seating arrangement – 2

Now from the point three The B is sitting just left to the B means, D comes at just right to B.

linear seating arrangement - 3
linear seating arrangement – 3

(3) Now your three person got their place. Now start from the first point and draw it separately.

G is 3rd left means G is sitting as shown in the figure.

linear seating arrangement - 4
linear seating arrangement – 4

Now goto the second given point. F is 4th right to E. Means E is sitting just left to the G.

linear seating arrangement- 5
linear seating arrangement- 5

(4) Now Goto the next point (ii) and it states that E is sitting between D and G. But in step 3 the E is just left to the G. Means only right position of E is empty. Now place it as shown in figure.

But from the second step the position of D is already decided means now we got the exact position of B,D,E,G,A and F. Now the only person left is C and the empty space left is also one. So you can place it there

linear seating arrangement- 6
linear seating arrangement- 7

Summary: You can realize what happen in this problem. We selected the definite persons and placed them at proper place. After that we again started and started placing as per the statements and then we got the final seating arrangement as showing.

linear seating arrangement- 7
linear seating arrangement- 7

Key Point :  Try to search the definite position person first and place that at blank. After that pick the person that is related with many others.

In the next tutorial we will discuss tips to solve linear seating arrangement with two lines. So stay connected with us for more tutorial.  You can attempt First 5 questions of this test to check how much got from tutorial [vc_button title=”Mock Test” target=”_self” color=”default” href=””]


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