Hello yuvas, here are simple ways to improve your English vocabulary . We are telling best ways to improve English vocabulary for competitive examinations. Increasing or English vocabulary is hectic task for the competitive exam aspirants. But with these simple ways you can improve your english vocabulary easily.

In this pretentious world everyone showing off their property whatever it may be (like language). We have watched in English-Vinglish movie, we should respect feelings and person, not language but if we want to live in this world so we need to follow the rules & culture of this world and English speaking is now very impressive so English learning is one of them.. In half girlfriend novel writer shows language don’t matters but profession so focus on your work. In spite all of these circumstances with our heavy heart we start English learning process. Don’t think too much about this world; concentrate on your exam because examiner is not the director of the movie

          Considering it that you are a naïve in English language, we will start with simple methods.

simple ways to improve your English vocabulary

        In this method we will give you trick to learn vocabulary in child- like manner. All these tips and tricks you had heard several times from your teacher, parents, elder brother and sister so it’s not new for you but follow these tricks is very amusing and after some time feel bore and give up to learn vocabulary and start blaming this confused language. Remember one thing never blame others for your own weakness. Be determine, be punctual and have patience the journey of thousands miles start with a single step.

  1. Learn 10 words from any source (newspaper, books, magazines, novels) daily and try to use in following days to refresh in your memory. The best option is writing down all words in a notebook for future revision.

    simple ways to improve your english vocabulary
  2. Revision is most important process in studies so revise weekly on Sunday these 60 words and try to connect these words each other. Revision is oral or written as you want. Ex- you learn a word “moot” so don’t stop at this word, go one step ahead and find out synonyms and antonyms of this word. This would give you many numbers of words.

  3. Daily read an English newspaper and try to find out your memorizing words and also new words. It grows your reading habit and this will help you in comprehension part of many competitive exams. It also enhances your awareness of your surroundings and about yourself. Must read editorial page, it consists the discussion about burning topic of world and nation.

    simple ways to improve your english vocabulary for competitions

  1. If you are movie maniac, this habit gives you loads of vocabulary. Watch Hollywood movies in English with subtitle and whenever you need slow movie down. This enhances your understanding with words and facial expressions. Use VLC software for subtitle feature and learn with fun.

  1. If music is your time-pass then wide your interest ground and listen English songs with lyrics, it enhance your English listening power and understanding with figurative words.

  1. If you like story reading, very good for you read novels, story books. First start easy language books like Ruskin bond, Rudyard Kipling, R.K.Narayan, MulkrajAanad, ChetanBhagat&many more indian writers after some time go on higher level literature.

    chetan novel
    chetan novel

When you follow all these tricks you will get many new words that you were not aware before one month, memorizing & write down in a note book future revision. These tricks are just warm-up; the next episode of vocabulary power will come in this site soon. Any one student who are not satisfied or wants new tricks to make strong vocabulary keep in touch with us and do hard work to achieve your success.


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