Did you know that failure or success of a bank depends not on the economic factors but on its officers? It’s the qualities of a banker that matter the most. A skilled and qualified banker can turn the fortunes of a problem infested bank and upgrade it into one of the best banks. The banks are dealing with decreasing client trust and increasing competition with each bank threatening to eat each other’s market share. Therefore each bank is looking forward to hire bright candidates to fill their vacancies and help them achieve both, success, as well as client satisfaction.

qualities of a good bank employee
qualities of a good bank employee

 This is the time when you, as an aspiring banker should start working on your skills to develop them according to the demands of the industry. However, there are some fundamental traits that, if any candidates possess is automatically the first choice of banks. These qualities are fundamental to the success of a banker and without them your career graph wouldn’t have a rising trajectory.  Here are listed six traits that anyone who dreams of a being a great banker one day should possess or develop.

5 Qualities of a good bank employee :

Personal Integrity

Many believe that a career in banks is more about technical skills and number crunching abilities. Mathematical aptitude may be an important asset, but what is even more important is strength of character and personal integrity. Personal integrity is an indispensable quality for those looking for an opportunity in banking as recruiters place it on the highest priority while selecting a candidate. Any institution’s integrity is intricately related to the morality and honesty of its employees. Since millions of customers trust banks with their hard earned money, it is therefore, of foremost importance for every bank to hire employees with impeccable integrity. For this reason, personal integrity is to be given highest regard while thinking about a job in banks .


The ability to take decision when situation arises is of great importance in banking industry. There are times when nothing seems when the economy behaves in a very unpredictable manner. During such conditions it’s the ability to take a timely decision and the capacity to judge the situation on its merit is what the bank needs. If you have this capacity or can show it in the interview through some examples the recruiter would be much happy to have you on board.


Selling is one of the most important activities in banking organizations. In the past few decades the need of selling products and services to customers has grown substantially owing to increasing income of people and growth in trade and industry.  Salesmanship is not personal selling it is doing a whole lot of activities in tandem such as negotiating, emphasizing, and making the prospective buyers to take a decision in favour of buying the product or the service of the bank. The greatest emphasis is on mutual satisfaction in a proper salesmanship.

According to W. Major Scot ‘it is a part of a salesman’s business to create demand by demonstrating that the need does exist, although before his visit there was no consciousness of that need. A bank highly requires its customer’s confidence so that a long term relationship and goodwill may be built and a lasting satisfaction may be given to them.

Enthusiasm for the business

There is no doubt to the fact that being successful and moving up the company ladder requires you to be passionate about your work. In the banking industry, this quality can help you very much. With the right kind of motivation you can be best at your job regardless of the work.This motivation or passion will not only help you succeed but also will help your organization in every possible way. Developing passion for work is not easy as it is an emotion that comes from within. It is your enthusiasm, your zeal that drives you to give more than 100 percent not once or twice, but daily.

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With that kind of passion only you are able to apply all of your skills and all of your energy into your work.  And do you know the best thing about passion? It never goes unnoticed. People will surely seeyour zeal and your attitude towards your work, even if it is hard to complete. Your seniors will notice your drive and consider how you would do in another position, thus, opening chances of promotion.

Crisis Management

If you are good at crisis management and can show the same through examples, your bank would surely consider you the greatest asset it has. With uncertain economic conditions, many times banks are faced with huge debts, and similar financially distressing situations. On the other hand, there are times when there is great PR blunder which affects the bank’s credibility and relationship with customers. These situations are hard to predict and manage also. The bosses look for employees who, through their presence of mind, intelligent decisions and hard work pull out the bank out of the mud.

If you have all the above said skills, sailing the banks out of crisis wouldn’t be much of a task.


  1. to be a perfect bank employee, I would even add :

    great availability to be used by the bank for extra hours and duties, according to the bank´s needs
    ability to manipulate people and convince them to buy the bank´s products
    greed of money and merciless aptitude


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