The month January of the Year 2018 is about to complete and you are left with only 11 months to get success this year. In this regard SBI, the biggest bank of India is giving you an opportunity to get selected in a government job this year. Hopefully you may also get your first salary in your account. For the SBI clerical exam 2018, you have only approx 3 months to prepare and get selected.

IBPS has also issued its exam calendar for the year 2018. You have only 6 month to prepare for it. Let’s calculate it as, you have left with only 3 months for SBI exam and 6 months for IBPS exam preparation and the year 2018 will be finished in minutes of time. So set your priority soon and achieve your dream of getting a job this year.

Priority has no ordinals-

Remember, always set a single priority and get work to achieve that. Sometimes by setting two or priorities, we are unable to achieve a single one. One’s priority must be single and focused as per his circumstances this time.

As an aspirant; your priority should be to get a government job. Please don’t focus on other things during preparation otherwise your focus will get distract and you may have to continue with your struggle period.

Struggle Time-

Struggle time is the best time for every successful person. It teaches us to work hard, be patient and in dealing with unfavourable situations. But sometimes the struggle period stretches more than the normal time period.

In order to shorten your struggle time, you will have to work hard and be focused towards your goal. At the time of preparation, remember that you are on this earth to get selected in one of these exams. Other things may rest in peace.

Set Priority Today:

As per the given exam notification, you are left with very less time to be prepared for the all India level competition. So set your priority today and put all your efforts for selection this time.

You can start your preparation with our free online Practice test of IBPS and SBI exam.

Free Bank  Clerk Mock Test                Free Bank PO Mock Test 

We are always here with you to guide, motivate and cheer you up. Please leave a comment if you require any information or detail. We would definitely try to catch you within two days.


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