Ulta reward credit card is issued by comenity bank and can be used at Ulta beauty website to shop for a variety of beauty and skincare products. A credit card is a valuable financial instrument for shopping and earning rewards for building credit. If used wisely, you can earn various benefits including cash discounts, rewards, coupons, etc. Before you apply for ulta reward credit card, you must be an active member of Ultamate reward program by ulta beauty. There are a lot of benefits of using ulta reward credit cards over other cards on ulta beauty website. You can earn double points per dollar spent with 20 percent off on your first purchase.

You must be interested in ulta reward card if you are a regular customer at ulta store or shopping online on ulta website. Here in this post, we discuss the top 7 benefits of Ulta Reward Credit Card one by one.

Benefits of Ulta Reward Credit Card

No Annual Fees

Ulta cards come in two variety – Ulta Reward Mastercard and Ulta reward credit card.  Most of the credit cards charge an annual fee to use the card. But Ulta reward credit cards are free means there is no annual charges. It will lower the burden on your pocket.

Reward Program

Most of the credit card offers reward programs. Issued by community bank, Ulta reward credit card also has such a program named Ulta reward program. With this program, the Ulta cards become more valuable. You can shop and earn points on every dollar you spent. Both the cards earn you 2 points per $1 spent at ulta beauty store or website. But ulta reward MasterCard also offer an additional benefits in form of 1 point for every $3 spent outside on non ulta-beauty purchases.


There may be various payment modes you used to pay your bills, make a purchase. Every payment mode comes with pros and cons. So, credit card may also have cons but it is fact that it a most convenient mode of payment over all other modes for both online and offline transactions.

Credit Readily Available

On upside, it is the most important features of Ulta reward credit card. The credit is readily available with you in non revolving form of credit. If you feel cash crunch while at ulta store or other non ulta beauty purchases, use ulta reward mastercard to make your payments readily.

Welcome Bonus

Ulta Reward Credit Card also comes with a welcome offer in form of 500 welcome bonus points which your get after you spend $500 in purchase outside ulta in first 3 months.

First Purchase Offer

Under ulta reward program, you get an amazing offer with a special discount on your first purchase at ulta beauty store or website. It offers you a 20 percent discount when you shop for first time at ulta beauty. It is a very fair amount of saving which can lower burden on your pocket.

Good Discount for Points

You can redeem points to reduce the purchase price of qualifying products and qualifying service free of charge based on following rates –

100 points = $3.00 off

250 points = $8.00 off

500 points = $17.50 off

750 points = $30.00 off

1000 points = $50.00 off

2000 points = $125.00 off

Additional Benefits

With two types of membership levels – platinum and diamond membership, you get additional benefits which include 25 percent higher base earning rate, an annual birthday gift, ability to earn additional bonus points and access to platinum member events in case of platinum membership. You get 50 percent higher base earning rate, an annual birthday gift, free shipping on order of $25 or more, a free $25 beauty service reward card and many more in case of diamond membership.

Easy Bill Payment

Ulta reward credit card offers easy ulta reward credit card bill payment modes. Make your bill payment on time to maintain your credit score. Ulta credit card bill can be paid by electronic mode, email, tele banking etc.

Conclusion –

So, with this basket of benefits that ulta credit card offers it is impossible to avoid this card. From welcome bonus to birthday gift, 20 percent discount on first purchase, it is surely a must have card. For true beauty connoisseurs, either of these cards may be an effective instrument to save funds on purchase at ulta beauty. We hope you found this article useful.



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