Aspirants are looking for IBPS Clerk Pre 2015 Time management tips and Tricks to crack it easily. As this is the first time when IBPS is conducting two tier exam for the post of clerk. So many candidates are worried about the exam. They are thinking about that how to divide the one hour time to crack IBPS Clerk or to secure minimum cut off for all section because the marks of IBPS Clerk Prelims will not consider further. So you just have to clear the cut off.

As per our experience we saw that the common mistake by the new candidates is, ” They do not utilize the Time properly”. Some candidate waste their time on English section or some waste their time on solving a particular question. So here first we will discuss about the time management and then we will discuss about some do’s and don’t

Time management tips for IBPS Clerk Pre 2015

Dividing time of exam is the most important strategy to crack any exam. Because every exam need smart work. So here is the Time division in which you have to work:

S.No. Subject / Section Time Expected Questions for General Category candidates
Min Max
1. Aptitude 23-25 minutes 14 – 16
2. Reasoning 23-25 minutes 15 – 20
3. English 10-14 minutes 8 – 12
Total 37 – 48

This is a general time divide to attempt IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015. You can increase or decrease 1 or 2 minutes according to your perfection for example if your English Subject Knowledge is Good then you can divide time like this: Aptitude 20 min, Reasoning – 25 Min and English 15 Minutes, If you are not Good in English then you can divide you time like this Aptitude 23 min, Reasoning – 25 Min and English 12 Minutes.

Now you are thinking that why we are giving 25 minutes to reasoning ? and the answer is to score good. Generally the reasoning section of IBPS exam was not much tough and candidates can easily score in it. You can also manage 1 or 2 minute like Aptitude 24 min, Reasoning – 24 Min and English 12 Minutes. You can set it by checking the difficulty level. But don’t go beyond that.

Common mistakes by candidates: 

  • Giving excessive time to a section: This is one of the common mistake by new candidates, that they give their whole time to 1 or 2 section and when they proceed to next section they even don’t have enough time to clear the cutoff of that section.
  • Lalach Buri Blaa hai if you started a question and sucked at a time then don’t waste your time with that. Leave it immediately and goto the next question.
  • Trying to attempt more and more questions: Don’t try to attempt more questions, just focus on the correct questions. Many candidates will tell you that “Bhai PO me maine 60+ kiye the” and again they are sitting with to give clerk exam. So before exam don’t listen these type of things. Because you just have to score above 35-45 and also according to you category.
  • Tukke Bazi: The same thing if you don’t know the exact answer don’t try to fit your Tukka in that.

Best way to check your time management 

Now candidates have 5-20 days and this is useful time. So you can use this time to attempt online mock test to sharp your skills and to check where you are lagging. You can join our IBPS Clerk Test series that is based on new exam pattern and it will be very helpful for you to crack the IBPS Clerk Prelims. In this test series we are providing 6 Full length mock test means you can increase your chances to crack IBPS Clerk Prelims just giving 12 hours ( 6 hours to attempt the test – 6 hours for solution)  IBPS Clerk Prelims Test Series – Join Now


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