SBI introduces new exam pattern for SBI PO 2015 recruitment. Here we will discuss Advantage Vs Disadvantage of the SBI PO 2015 new exam pattern. As we all know, SBI is the largest public sector bank of our country. So, the level of the recruitment process of SBI should be at excellent level but it should be at a specific limit. Here, we will try to see all the aspects of this new pattern.

Why new exam Pattern for SBI PO 2015: Possible Reasons

  • In the beginning of the 2015, We read in newspapers that SBI gives a idea to recruit the officers from the reputed universities/colleges directly like campus placement.
  • But may be due to some reasons, that idea couldn’t become a reality.
  • SBI want their staff more intelligent and capable of world class banking.
  • So, SBI introduce a more efficient exam pattern to select the candidates who have the capability to give new boost to Indian banking industry in near future.

Advantage of New exam Pattern for SBI PO 2015: A way to select the BEST

  • The new exam pattern for PO introduced by SBI has three phase. If anyone slightly lacks in starting phase due to some unfavorable conditions then He/She can improve his or her performance in next phase.
  • We heard many times about the cheaters that they passed the exam by the help of unfavorable means but in three phase exam pattern, there is nil chances to pass by the help of wrong means.
  • This SBI PO exam pattern is very beneficial for the aspirants who works very hard and deserve to have a good job in a reputed bank.
  • The deserving talent will get job and this will be very good for our growing economy.
  • Candidates (Approx 20 times of the total vacancies) in pre exam will be shortlisted by the SBI to appear in mains exam.A healthy competition will take place in mains exam.

Possible Disadvantage of New exam pattern for SBI PO 2015: Extra burden for General Preparation

  • The new exam pattern is totally depend on computer literacy even the descriptive exam is on computer. Means now everyone has to practice for typing to get speed and accuracy in Exam.
  • Everyone knows that now a day’s every aspirant prepares for all general competitions but this new introduction of three Phase exam force the aspirants to prepare only for SBI PO exam like UPSC and SSC CGL.
  • And what about the aspirants who belong to the rural and remote areas, they don’t even have the computer or have lower typing speed as compare to urban students.
  • Descriptive exam decides whether you are in or out? and now your typing speed and typing accuracy will decide that you are in or not.


  • The three phase exam pattern is very good to select the best and genuine candidate for the reputed PO post in SBI.
  • Online descriptive exam may be harmful for the candidates who don’t have computer to improve the typing speed and accuracy.
  • A healthy competition but a tough competition will take place.
  • Extra burden to prepare for typing.

At last, we want to say that the aspirant who works hard never fail. They can pass the every phase in a very easily way and can get job. Now its time to prepare for the exam. Discuss all the positive and negative points for this new pattern and motivate one another to get success in this three phase exam. We are always with you and feel free to share anything with us.



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