IBPS has released both the notification of IBPS PO exam and IBPS Clerk exam for the year 2016.IBPS PO main exam will be in November 2016 and IBPS clerk exam will be in December 2016. The allotment for both the post in Apr 2017.So now you have the golden opportunity to change your dreams into reality and to get the job in the starting of next financial year.

Golden Opportunity: Year 2017 can be a year in which you will get the bank job. This is a golden opportunity that can open the golden gate of your life. Coming four months will decide your career. These months can be witness of your success and Apr 2017 would be the turning point of your life. The only thing to crack this opportunity is Hard Work with Smart Brain.

Hard Work with Smart Brain: Hard work is the key to success. At present, the exam pattern has changed and according to pattern you have to change your preparation plan or strategy. Always remember one thing that Change is the Rule of Life, so change accordingly what the time needs. It is the era in which you have to work hard with smart brain. Competition is tough but not impossible so set your goal like Everest and put all your strength to achieve it.

Some tips to be a smart learner:

  • Go through all the previous exam analysis available on Internet.
  • Find the area of the question and the level of the question that asked previously.
  • Prepare up to that level at least which asked in previous exam.
  • Regular practice to each section, means divide your time among all the sections according to your strength, regular study will give the boost in your exam time.
  • Don’t try to cram all the things. Some topics are for only to be crammed but some are to be understood logically.

Firm Determination: This is a term without which you cannot clinch the success. You have to show your firm determination many times during your preparation time. There are always some hurdles in your life that can be crossed by the help of firm determination only.

Here, we are trying to predict some situations that may be come in coming four months and the possible solutions.

  • There may be one or more wedding ceremony in your relation or friend circle during Nov or Dec. First of all try to skip the ceremony. If you cannot skip due to some strong bond than attend the ceremony in a formal way and waste only 2-3 hours not whole day or week.
  • There may be some birthday party or friends hang out. Skip all birthday parties or Hang outs. If they will be your true friends they will never mind on it.
  • There might be some health decay due to hard work, so heal your body with proper food and some light exercise.

Practice with our free online test series: 

At last, there is a clarification regarding study time, you should not study all the time, give proper relax to your body time to time but never distract your mind towards your aim and Mark the words:

Ye bache hue Months aapki life badal sakte hain.


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