This article 7 tips to improve your general knowledge is helpful for the beginner of competitive examinations like SSC, UPSC, MBA, State PCS, Police, Railways and other GK competitions. Beginners don’t know how to prepare general knowledge for competitive examinations. So here are the Best 7 tips to improve your general knowledge.

 All of us must have definitely seen our fathers discussing with uncle from our neighbor on the some current issue. General knowledge (GK) definitely forms a part of their chatting. Not only general knowledge is discussed between our elders but everyone experience this topic in one or another chat.

General knowledge is not an issue specific or age specific. It is said to be a must have factor in every person. It’s an integral part of our daily lives. Talks on general knowledge need not to find any specific occasion. Chats on these issues can begin anytime and anywhere. Not only do our chats include general knowledge but it forms an essential part of entrance exams and interviews for admission to schools, colleges and jobs. Most of the entrance exams in India dedicate a separate section for GK in their exam pattern.

Various questions from History, Geography, Business world, entertainment, books, prizes, famous personalities, India, International, etc. forms a part of syllabus of GK section in entrance exams. Read here the detailed syllabus of GK in various MBA entrance exams.

General knowledge is not a cup of tea that everyone can taste. It is not easy to stay up to date with what is happening around or remember major events that have taken place in history. One has to make efforts to increase his/ her general knowledge or stay updated with events taking place around. Just following news via one medium may not prove helpful. Extra efforts have to be made to crack GK section in various entrance exams taking place now and then.

7 tips to improve your general knowledge
7 tips to improve your general knowledge

Not everyone has to work hard on general knowledge. People who have a better understanding of this section just have to furnish it every time they appear for an exam. And those who are yet to master this section have to work hard to improve this section.

Here are 7 tips to improve your general knowledge that might help you during preparation :

  1. Read newspapers

Reading newspaper every morning is the most effective way of knowing what is happening around the world. Although, it’s an old medium of learning but it is one of the most efficient way. You must make a habit of reading newspaper daily. Try to read more than one newspaper. Read one newspaper in your mother tongue and other in English. Go for national dailies which stand amongst the top newspapers.

Reading newspaper only on the exam day or a few days before it will not help you. You have to start reading it atleast six months before your exam. Read the newspaper attentively to improve your general knowledge.

  1. Magazines can do a miracle

This is another medium to improve your general knowledge. Through magazines also one can learn the current affairs. There are various magazines designed to help people increase their general knowledge. Subject specific magazines can be found in the market. Magazines for sports, business, entertainment, generic magazines, etc. can be grabbed from the local nook seller or can be purchased online. The online version of these magazines is also available for the cause. “We are also panning to provide you a Monthly Magazines to prepare your Current affairs.”

  1. Utilise internet in a better way

Do not log in to internet just for your fun or downloading movies and songs. You can utilise internet to improve your General Knowledge. Google news is the most obedient medium of updating people of happenings of every minute. Various newspapers have gone online. Along with their paper versions, they are publish their news online available for everyone for free. Not only e-newspapers are available online, various portals have been formed which publish breaking new in form of articles with images. Information can be grabbed from YouTube and Wikipedia as well.

  1. Socialise with general knowledge

Social websites are no more a platform just for socialising with friends and acquaintances. They not only update you about people in your friend list but they have become a source of information about the world. News websites have become active on social websites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, tumblr, Google plus, etc. Every breaking news is being shared heavily on these platforms by the news agencies and their users. By staying active on these websites, one can learn about the major events taking place around. Also, various pages and accounts have been formed for the purpose of sharing news and current affairs. Join these accounts or follow them to stay updated with the latest news.

  1. Watch television not for entertainment but for knowledge

Watching news can also serve the purpose. People who can retain information with the help of pictures can switch to this medium of information. Various news channels in numerous languages are available on are television sets. The time spent in watching television can be diverted to a better cause. Not just entertainment, but TV sets also help you increase your score in entrance exams. TV channels like NDTV, ABP news, Zee news, Times now, etc. are at your service for 24*7. The news can be viewed on news any time. These news channels are the foremost source of information that reaches you.

Though, this medium is not very effective as not all details of a news piece are shown. One has to make extra efforts by reading the details online or in a newspaper. Also, most of the people are not able to retain the information shown on the TV.

  1. Become smart with Smartphone

Phones are no more a medium of just connecting to people and communicating with them. Now, phones have become smarter by catering us with all features that a computer used to provide. Switching to a Smartphone can help you in staying up-to-date with the happenings of around the world. Various apps have been designed with the purpose of serving people with breaking news on their phones. Whenever breaking news occurs, a notification is shown on your phone’s screen.

Not only this, you can read the whole story by just clicking the notification. The app is designed in such a way that news from all categories is at display. With even low internet connectivity, one can easily read news pieces any time anywhere with the apps available at play store.

  1. Make notes

Just reading the newspaper will not help. You have to retain the information that you read in the newspaper. Therefore, not just read it attentively but also make notes. Maintain a diary of important things that you feel can form a part of the entrance exams. Information like names of famous personalities & their profiles, books & authors, major events & their dates, etc. should be noted on regular basis in your diary.

By just following these simple tips, one can improve his/ her general knowledge and can score well in this section of the entrance exams.

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Good luck!

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