This section covers 40 important interview questions to Prepare that asked in personal interview to freshers and experienced in bank, ssc, upsc govt as well as private job interview.This is our 4th part of interview cracker . Hopefully your preparation for interview will be going in a fairway. Here we are providing 40 important interview questions which normally asked in general competitions’ interview last year. These 40 important personal interview questions are not only competitions based but also very helpful in private job interview. Try to prepare the answer of all the 40 important interview questions if found any difficulty write to us in comment section, we will try to provide possible answer as soon as possible.

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Q-1 What is a best suited organization for you?

Q-2 What special service can you do for our organization?

Q-3 What is Team Work?

Q- 4 Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Q-5 What is definition of self confidence?

Q-6 What is the definition of “Good Work Environment” in your opinion?

Q-7 What do think about commonsense/practical knowledge?

Q-8 Can you describe your gap after last academics?

Q-9 You are overqualified for this post, why you applied for this?

Q-10 What are your strengths?

Q-11 What are your weakness?

Q-12 Why do you choose this sector?

Q-13 Can you work in rural areas?

Q-14 Why should we hire you compare to other applicants?

Q-15 Why do you want to quit your present job?

Q-16 What do you know about our organization?

Q-17 Tell me something about your hometown.

Q-18 Where was the centre of your written examination?

Q-19 Which newspapers do you read?

Q-20 Who is editor of that (which you told) newspaper?

Q-21 How many subjects you studied during your graduation?

Q-22 Tell me something about your family.

Q-23 Can you differentiate confidence and over confidence?

Q-24 What is the single word suitable for you?

Q-25 Have you any inspiration in your life?

Q-26 What is the meaning of success for you?

Q-27 What is the difference between Hard Work and smart work?

Q-28 Where have you prepared for this interview?

Q-29 What is more important to you, Money or Satisfaction or both?

Q-30 Where have you prepared for written exam?

Q-31 Could you perform well under pressure?

Q-32 What is your aim?

Q-33 Do you know Swami Vivekananda?

Q-34 Do you have any expectation from our organization?

Q-35 What are your political views?

Q-36 Which monthly magazine you prefer to read?

Q-37 Do you believe in God?

Q-38 What first change you want to do in our organization after joining?

Q-39 What is the famous thing at your native place?

Q-40 What is your greatest fear?

Apart from these roaring forties questions if any interview related question strike in mind, feel free to ask, we will try our utmost effort to provide solution. Above given questions also beneficial in personality development and enlightenment. To know more about one everyone should be asked these questions oneself.

Now-a-Days, Many aspirants are coming from technical background in banking industry. So, interviewer become habitual to ask some repeated question from technical students like B-tech or BCA/ MCA student. In next installment of interview cracker, we will provide some repeated questions and also try to provide possible answers of these questions.

At last, we want to advise all the aspirants to practice these questions with one another or in front of mirror.


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