Hello Yuvas, Here we are providing most frequently asked questions in interview with answers for freshers. These are general questions but very important to answer for first impression. This is our second installment of Interview Cracker. If you didn’t read the previous article then you can go by link provided below.

Read all the questions along with answers but don’t try to cram these answers. Try to prepare your answers according to your personality and attitude; it will be very beneficial for you. If you want to discuss any question or any answer, leave your comment in comment box.

Q- Tell me something about yourself.

A-I am VipinSingh, I belong to Delhi. My father’s name is Shri Vijay Singh and he is government servant in income tax department .As far as my academic qualification concern, I did my graduation from DU in the field of electronics engineering. Where I learnt core subjects as well as communication skills, computing skills and how to do work in team ship. My strengths are Team Work, faithfulness and my commitment towards my work.

  • If interviewer calls your name then don’t tell your name in your introduction.
  • Don’t tell you hobbies in your introduction. Introduction means your overview If interviewer ask to tell more or about hobby then tell your hobby but don’t describe it instead interviewer ask question from your hobby.

Q-Why you want to join Govt. Job?

A-Sir, Govt. Job has its own potential. It is a respected job, has good work environment, many chances for promotion and the best reason is I always want to serve people by my creative ideas and government sector is the only place where I would implement my ideas into process.

  • Interviewer can say that these all things are also in Pvt.  Job and money is definitely more than govt. job then politely reply Sir, you are absolutely right but there is other more factors like uncertainty, scheduling, target achievement  and the last but not the least Recession.

Q-Why should we not select others? Or why should I select you?

A- Sir, first impression never last impression. During first interaction, I cannot predict anything about others. I know only about my platform and my tendency to take a good job and now I am trying to give my best.

  • If interviewer don’t satisfy with your answer, just simply say Sir, to answer this question is very tough for me. My confidence has increased after passing objective written test which will help me in further selection process.
  • In this type of question, don’t try to sell yourself like I am committed to work, I am very suitable for this job etc. Just show your dedication to get this job.
  • If interview shows negative response never says please or any self-hurting words.

Q-What are your hobbies?

A-The answer of this question should be very precise. Just say your one or two hobby.

  • Don’t describe your hobby to give the answer of the above question.
  • First of all understand what the meaning of hobby, a task which you do without fatigue, frustration, hesitation, any time and also increase your productivity and creativity it would be anything like singing, book reading, gardening, travelling, photography, musical instrument playing, and outdoor and indoor game and activity (cycling, swimming), cooking, painting, knitting, net surfing, diary writing,
  • Prepare your hobby very well. Try to convert your hobby into passion. You have to show your achievement in your hobby.
  • Interviewer thinks that you are perfect in your hobby. You should know all about your hobby. Suppose your hobby is chess playing so you must know rules, international players, favorite player, history of chess, etc.
  • Don’t make your hobby instantly; try to search what you like exactly when you alone?
  • If someone don’t know your hobby or don’t have any hobby then prepare at least two hobbies. Collect all the possible details about your hobby and make it your hobby for few days.

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At last, we want to advise all the aspirants that make a good try to practice these types of questions with some other persons like elder brother or sister or any experienced friend as a Mock Interview. If not possible with other persons just practice in front of mirror. Always feel you are in the middle of many interviewers, it helps you in nervousness and agoraphobia problems.



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