In this article we are telling how to dress for an interview for male and female. As we all know that “first impression is the last impression”. In interview our outfits and body language is our first impression to all interviewers. Here we will discuss about interview dress and body language.

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Interview Dress

Your outfits prepare the mind of the interviewer and interviewer makes a portrait of your personality in his mind. This portrait decides that which type of questions will be asked by the interviewer.

Your outfits speak more to the interviewer when you meet face to face with the interviewer.

  • Your outfits describe that which type of a person you are.
  • Your outfits show your elegant style(formal).
  • Your decent outfits show that you are sincere for your interview.
  • Your outfit should be formal not a party wear so that it speaks that you are a job seeker.
  • Your outfit should be pressed and well stitched. It shows your attitude towards your outfits.

Outfit Suggestions:

How to Dress for an Interview Male

  • A proper two piece suit is best option in winter for Male.
  • Take shower at interview day, I know the temperature but think you are waiting this day for so many months or years.
  • Wear comfortable clothes it not necessarily new but clean and pressed.
  • You should wear a tie to have a professional look. If anyone doesn’t, don’t worry.
  • Every one can’t afford a well two piece suit so doesn’t worry just wear a full sleeves formal sweater.
  • Be careful. Sweater should be formal. If possible should have a single and light color. Don’t wear bright color sweater, best colors are white, sky blue, maroon, grey, dull yellow, or any light and sober color.

    formal Sweater for interview
    formal Sweater for interview
  • Shoes are the reflex image of personality of any person. So your shoes should be polished and laces should be tie. Never try new shoe because your feet not ready for change it affects your gait as well as your impression on interviewer.

    formal shoes for interview
    formal shoes for interview
  • Don’t wear shoes without laces (like loafer).
Loafer for interviews - no
Loafer for interviews – no

How to Dress for an Interview Female 

  • You have two options:One is proper female suit and second one formal blazer on shirt and pent. Try to wear Blazer and shirt in contrast color.

    Interview Dress Suggestion for Girls
    Interview Dress Suggestion for Girls
  • If you don’t have don’t borrow clothes it’s lose your confidence.
  • Don’t wear sparkling dress.
  • Don’t do any heavy make-up, you are not going in party so don’t show your physical beauty show your beautiful mind and creativeness.
  • Obviously you have long hair I have seen many girls their hair not proper fasten, loose time to time it is very bad impression on interviewer so at interview day properly and neatly combed your hair and fasten enough that it not create problem during interview.

Body Language for Interview

  • Your Body language describes your confidence.
  • If you are trembling with nervousness, it shows that you are not prepared for interview.
  • Interview is just an interaction, Don’t take it very seriously. It will boost up your confidence.
  • Don’t hold the table, while you are sitting in front of interviewer.
  • Be relaxed and put your hand on your lap.
  • Don’t make any irritating sound.
  • Have proper Eye Contact, it shows how much you prepare for interview.
  • Sit in a straight way. Don’t lie on the chair.

This is first installment of preparation of an interview, keep in touch with us and after few more days we provide second installment of preparation. For many yuvas coming interview may be your first but don’t be nervous because its not the end of the world.

All the best


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