Many students choose Hindi section instead of English section in IBPS RRB exam. So here we will discuss some points about HINDI Section.

Don’t take Hindi in an easy way-

  • As we all know it is very easy to attempt Hindi in place of English section but it doesn’t mean that anyone can clear Hindi section very easily.
  • Hindi section is easy so try to get very good marks in this section so that you can raise your place in overall merit.
  • Average marks in Hindi section can be achieved or we can say that you can easily clear the individual cutoff of Hindi section.
  • But, to get very good marks in Hindi section is not an easy task. You will have to work little bit hard to achieve high marks in this section.
  • Due to over confidence over Hindi section, some students couldn’t pass even the individual cutoff of Hindi Section in recent years. So try to get rid of from this type of Over Confidence
  • Don’t be panic. Give some time to Hindi section and you can easily get very good marks in this section
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Preparation Tips for IBPS RRB Hindi Section:

Here are some tips for the Preparation of Hindi that may help you to boost your marks in IBPS RRB Hindi Section and in overall merit.

  • First of all purchase a Book or a Practice set of Hindi based on IBPS RRB.
  • You can also purchase one of some Hindi Books like Lucent Hindi or Saral Hindi.
  • If you make a practice set daily (Hardly take 15-20 minutes to attempt) than it will be sufficient to get higher marks.
  • Read the editorial section of any Hindi News Paper daily.
  • Try to learn or practice some hardly spelled words of Hindi.
  • Sentence arrangement in Hindi section may be easy but sometimes Fill in the blanks may decline your marks so try to attempt rapid fillers with proper mind concentration.
  • In fill in the blanks, all options seem correct. So practice at home so that you can perform better in exam.
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At last, we want to give a suggestion about the choice of English or Hindi Section. Some students don’t choose the section earlier they thought that if English will easy then I will attempt English otherwise will attempt Hindi. This type of thought may be dangerous for your marks. So choose the section now which you will attempt in online exam and prepare for that with firm determination. Keep Hard Working. Keep Uplifting your Preparation.

We can also provide Free Hindi Mock tests for IBPS RRB, If we will get enough students. If you want then write in comment below.

All The Best.


  1. Hello Sir ,
    I want to prepare for hindi for RRB Officer scale 1 and RRB office assistant of 2017 . I am from Punjab and lives in Malwa Region . Due to some health issues I can not go for job outside my region . And seats of gen in malwa bank are very less 9 – Scale 1 and 16 -office assistant . Last yr I attempted eng in po mains i qualified also for interview but my marks were only 5 more than cut off so was unable to make final selection . So this time want to score more by preparing hindi . So pls provide free practice tests of hindi according to latest pattern .

  2. if i choose hindi language paper ..can i give all other paper also in hindi? or i choose english for exam language

  3. Hello sir upto now i gave all ibps exams in english but i am scoring good in hindi than in english ..

    I didnt even observe that(hindi) section upto now while attempting online exam

    I got a doubt that how can i choose that instead of english before online exam we choose only the whole paper language as per my knowledge.
    Can i attempt hindi section directly in online exam … Will it be considered whatever the section between hindi and english we attempt. Plz help and hope you will provide good quality material for it soon. Thank you

  4. sir aap ibps rrb ka hindi section ka test kab se start kerenge?? pls sir roj ek test upload krne ki kosis kijie upto rrb po mains…

  5. sir,I want to give hindi section in rrb instead of english ..but, sir agar ma hindi subject attempt karoonga to baki sections ma english language me dekh paunga na??? ye doubt thora clear kr djie

  6. sir…i need hindi section paper to prepare for IBPS RRB officer scale – 1. can you please suggest a book/practice set of hindi based on IBPS RRB exam.


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