List of Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh 1956 -2015 with their political party, joining date and leaving date. Madhya Pradesh is a state of India with a good  geographical area. This state came into existence in 1956. Many parties have been ruled here with good governance since 1956. This state is progressing slowly but constantly. The people of Madhya Pradesh elect the CM candidate on the basis of their development Agenda.

List of Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh 1956 - 2015
List of Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh 1956 – 2015

Here, we are providing a list of all Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh with political party and date of joining since 1956. This list of CM of Madhya Pradesh is very important for any Govt exam especially state level exams. This list is also useful for enhancing general awareness and political awareness.

List of all Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh with political party and date of joining since 1956

Ravishankar ShuklaIndian National Congress01/11/1956 to 31/12/19562 months
Bhagwantrao MandloiIndian National Congress01/01/1957 to 30/01/19571 month
Kalash Nath KatjuIndian National Congress31/01/1957 to 14/03/195714/03/1957 to 11/03/19621+month
Bhagwantrao MandloiIndian National Congress12/03/1962 to 29/09/19631 year 6 months
Dwarka Prasad MishraIndian National Congress30/11/1963 to 08/03/196709/03/1967 to 29/07/19673 years 3 months
Govind Narayan SinghIndian National Congress30/07/1967to 12/03/19691 year 7 months
Naresh Chandra SinghIndian National Congress13/03/1969 to 25/03/196913 days
Shyama Charan ShuklaIndian National Congress26/03/1969 to 28/01/19722 years 10 months
Prakash Chandra SethiIndian National Congress29/01/1972 to 22/03/197223/03/1972 to 22/12/19752 months
Shyama Charan ShuklaIndian National Congress23/12/1975 to 29/04/19771 year 4 months
President’s Rule29/04/1977 to 25/06/19772 months
Kailash Chandra JoshiJanta Party26/06/1977 to 17/01/19786+ months
Virendra Kr. SakleshaJanta Party18/01/1978 to19/01/19802 years
Sundarlal PatwaJanta Party20/01/1980 to 17/02/19801 month
President’s Rule18/02/1980 to 08/06/19804 months
Arjun SinghIndian National Congress08/06/1980 to 10/03/198511/03/1985 to 12/03/19854 years 9 months2 days
Motilal VoraIndian National Congress13/03/1985 to 13/02/19882 year 11 months
Arjun SinghIndian National Congress14/02/1988 to 24/01/198911+ months
Motilal VoraIndian National Congress25/01/1989 to 08/12/198910 months
Shyama Charan ShuklaIndian National Congress09/12/1989 to 04/03/19903 months
Sundarlal PatwaBhartiya Janta Party05/03/1990 to 15/12/19922 years 9 months
President’s Rule16/12/1992 to 06/12/19931 year
Digvijaya SinghIndian National Congress07/12/1993 to 01/12/199801/12/1998 to 08/12/20035 years5 years
Uma BhartiBhartiya Janta Party08/12/2003 to 23/08/20048+ months
Babulal GaurBhartiya Janta Party23/08/2004 to 29/11/20051 year 3 months
Shivraj Singh ChouhanBhartiya Janta Party29/11/2005 to 12/12/2008

12/12/2008 to 13/12/2013

14/12/2013 to till date


If you are appearing in a state level exam like PCS and other departmental exams then you have to learn complete list and tenure of every individual. This list is very useful for PCS & IAS aspirants. There may be a question from the list in Pre or Mains Exam of PCS & IAS directly or indirectly.  But if you are appearing in Bank & SSC exam then you have to learn only First and Last CM of Madhya Pradesh and tenure of latest CM of the state.

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