Read about state symbols of all Indian states. official state tree, flower, sport, bird,game, animal ,dance & language. We are collected this information from official sites of all state to deliver for you. read this collection of all Indian state symbols. In this article we are providing state symbols of Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh and AssamHope these will be useful for you.

State symbols : Andhra Pradesh

(1) Official State song of state of “Andhra Pradesh”?

” Maa Telugu Thalliki “

(2) Official state bird of “Andhra Pradesh”?

Indian Roller

(3) Official state sport of “Andhra Pradesh”?


(4) Official State language of “Andhra Pradesh”?


(5) Official dance of state of Andhra “Pradesh”?


(6) Official state animal of “Andhra Pradesh”?

Black Buck

(7) Official state flower of the “Andhra Pradesh”?

Water Lily

 (8) Official state Tree of “Andhra Pradesh”?



State Symbols of all Indian states
State Symbols of all Indian states

State Symbols : Punjab

(1) Official state bird of Punjab?

Northern Goshawk

(2) Official State language of Punjab?


(3) Official state animal of Punjab?

Black Buck

(4) Official state Dance of the Punjab?


(5)  Official state Tree of the Punjab?


State Symbols : Uttarakhand

(1) Official state bird of Uttarakhand?


(2) Official State language of Uttarakhand?


(3) Official state animal of Uttarakhand?

Whit-Bellied Musk Deer

(4) Official state flower of the Uttarakhand?

Brahma kamal

(5)  Official state Tree of the Uttarakhand?



State Symbols : Uttar Pradesh

(1) Official state bird of Uttar Pradesh ?

Sarus Crane

(2) Official State language of Uttar Pradesh ?


(3) Official dance of state of Uttar Pradesh?


(4) Official state animal of Uttar Pradesh ?

Swamp Deer

(5) Official state flower of the Uttar Pradesh ?


(6) Official state Tree of Uttar Pradesh ?



State Symbols : Bihar


(1) Official state bird of Bihar?

Indian Roller

(2) Official State language of Bihar?

Hindi and Urdu

(3) Official state animal of Bihar?


(4) Official state flower of the Bihar?


(5) Official state Tree of Bihar?


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State symbols : Arunachal Pradesh


(1) Official state animal of Arunachal Pradesh?

Mithun or Mithan(Gayal)

(2) Official state flower of the Arunachal Pradesh?

Rhynchostylis Retusa(Fox tail orchid)

(3) Official state Tree of Arunachal Pradesh?


(4) Official state bird of Arunachal Pradesh?

Great Hornbill

(5) Official State language of Arunachal Pradesh?


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State Symbols : Assam

(1) Official State song of Assam?

O my dearest country

(2) Official state bird of Assam?

White-winged Wood Duck (Deo haah)

(3) Official state Literary Society of Assam?

Assam Literary Society (Oxom Xahityo Xobha)

(4) Official State language of Assam?


(5) Official dance of state of Assam?

Bihu dance

(6) Official state animal of Assam?

One-horned rhinoceros (Gor)

(7) Official state flower of the Assam?

Foxtail Orchids (Kopou phul)

(8) Official state Tree of Assam?

Dipterocarpus macrocarpus (Hollong)

(9) Official state Festival of Assam


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