List of Vice President of India 1952-2015: Hello yuvas, Vice-President is the second highest post in India after the President mentioned in constitution. The Vice-President shall take over as President in the case of resignation, impeachment, death, and absence of President or any other situations. The Vice-President of India is also ex-officio Chairperson of RajyaShabha, the upper house means permanent house.

The election of Vice-President of India is accordance with the system of proportional representation by means of single transferable vote and voting is by secret ballot. Voters in this election are members of both houses of Parliament.

The term of Vice-President of India is five years. He can be re-elected without any condition many number of times. The deputy chairman is performed the duties of chairman in the absence of chairman.

The salary of Vice-President is not mentioned in constitution because no work profile is allotted. He get his salary in the name of chairperson of RajyaShabha not the post of Vice-President. Now in current salary of chairperson of RajyaSabha is 125000 Rs.

The pension for the Vice-President is 50% of the salary.

here is a list of all vice president of India from 1952-2013 with their date of birth,date of death, date of joining and date of leaving office. This list is very important for the many government competition exams like UPSC, PSC states, SSC CGL, SSC 10+2, FCI etc. and also as the point of general knowledge.


List of Vice President of India 1952-2015
List of Vice President of India 1952-2015

Vice President of India 1952-2013

The “Vice President of India” is the second-highest office in Republic of India after the “President”.

First Vice president of India was ” Dr. SarepalliRadhakrishnan “from 13 May to 12 May 1962 and he was also second President of India ( 1962 to 1967). He also awarded by “Bharat Ratna ” in 1954.Other awards for RadhaKrishnan are :-

* Was Appointed a “Knight Bachelor” in 1931.

* Elected Fellow of the “British Academy” in 1938.

* Awarded “Order of Merit ” in 1963.

* “Peace Prize” of the “German Book Trade” in 1961.

* ” Templeton Prize ” in 1975.

List of Vice President of India 1952-2015


S. No.

NameDate of BirthDate of DeathTook Office

Left office

1.Dr. SarvepalliRadhakrishnan5 September 188817 April 197513 May 195212 May 1962
2.Dr. ZakirHussain8 February 18973 May 196913 May 196212 May 1967
3.Sh. VarahagiriVenkataGiri10 August 189423 June 198013 May 19673 May 1969
4.GopalSwarupPathak26 February 18964 October 198231 August 196930 August 1974
5.BasappaDanappaJatti10 September 19127 June 200231 August 197430 August 1979
6.Justice Muhammad Hidayatullah17 December 190518 September 199231 August 197930 August 1984
7.RamaswamyVenkataraman4 December 191027 January 200931 August 198424 July 1987
8.Shankar Dayal Sharma19 August 191826 December 19993 September 198724 July 1987
9.Kocheril Raman Narayanan27 October 19209 November 200521 August 199224 July 1997
10.Krishan Kant

28 February 1927

27 July 2002

(in office)

21 August


21 July 2002
11.Bhairon Singh Shekhawat23 October 192315 May 201019 August 200221 July 2007
12.Mohammad Hamid Ansari1 April 1937Alive11 August 2007Incumbent


The 10th Vice president of India ” Mr. Krishan Kant” died in the office of natural causes.

Dr. ZakirHussian was the first Muslim Vice President of India from 13 May 1962  to 12 May 1967.

Till now no woman become Vice-President.

Total 6 Vice-Presidents became Presidents.

Dr. SarvepalliRadhakrishnan is the first President who is former Vice-President.

Kocheril Raman Narayanan is the last but not least President who is former Vice-President.

Article 63 TheVice-President of India

Article 64 The Vice-president of India to be ex-officio chairman of Council of States

Article 65 The Vice-President is to be act as President in case of absence

Article 66 Election of Vice-President

Article 67 Term of office of Vice-President

Article 68 Time of holding election to fill vacancy in the office of Vice-President

Article 69 Oath or affirmation by the Vice-President

Article 70 Discharge of President’s functions in other contingencies

Article 71 Matters relating to the election of President and Vice-President

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