Interview Cracker- Prologue: Hello Yuvas, Hopefully you all will be good and working hard to achieve your dreams as soon as possible. As we all know The Exam fair (SSC 2015 mains, IBPS PO mains, IBPS CLERK mains, IBPS RRB PO, IBPS RRB CLERK etc..) is finally over AND The interview Fair is about to come. So here we are providing you some Interview Tips for IBPS PO / Clerk & SSC Examination and all of you have to prepare yourself physically and mentally to deal with the same.

Interview Prepration Tips for govt competitions
Interview Prepration Tips for govt competitions
  • Physically in the sense, winter has set in and you have to care more to be fit. If you will be captured by some silly health problems like cold, cough etc.,it will definitely reduce your performance in the coming exam or interview.
  • Mentally in the sense, you have to prepare yourself to handle mentally pressure, number counting, nervousness during the interview. Sometimes you know all the answers but due to nervousness you are not able to clearly define your views or a particular definition.

First of all you have to prepare before to start the preparation for interview. You should be confident and firm determine that after a good interview preparation, you will crack the interview and get the job.

Interview preparation tips

(Common for all interviews like SSC, IBPS and IBPS RRB)

  • The first thing which comes in our mind when we hear the word “INTERVIEW” ,Describe yourself OR Tell me about yourself OR Give your introduction. So the first thing you are going to prepare is YOU and it will be not an easy job.
  • Write all the possible things like Education, hobbies, family, strength, weakness, personal & professional life etc. about yourself on a paper and then take some important points to describe in front of interviewer.
  • Your introduction should not be very short or lengthy. It should have average range of words.
  • Prepare your hobby very well because there will be definitely a brief discussion on your hobby.
  • You should have a good knowledge about your father/mother life because you live with them since childhood.
  • Read a newspaper daily, not must be English newspaper. It will help to improve your knowledge about current affair as well as your surroundings. You should also aware about the editor, some particular articles of the newspaper which you read.

Interview preparation tips for SSC-

  • As you all know, interview of SSC will not be an easy one. There will be a panel of well qualified and experienced persons. So your knowledge level should be very good.
  • Interviewer thinks that you know all about the general studies especially subjects which belong to your educational background because you passed 10th, 12th and the pre & main examination of SSC.
  • So prepare well the subjects of your educational background. There will be definitely a bunch of questions from your educational background.
  • You should be well aware about national or international affair because you are going to join a well reputed job of central government and it should be expected from you.
  • Interviewer will try to puzzle you in some type of questions like your political views, corruption, present govt. good or not etc..So prepare yourself to handle this type of situation.

Interview preparation tips for IBPS PO

  • There will be a panel of 4 to 5 members including a female member. It may be possible that only female member will take your interview. So prepare well for this. Don’t be Gynophobiac.
  • You should have deep knowledge of common banking terms like CRR, SLR, REPO RATE, and REVERSE REPO RATE etc… Not only definition.
  • You should be well aware of current banking developments and what you opinion is also matters on these developments.
  • If your education background is technical then you will have to ready to answer all the technical questions related to your graduation & why have you choose this sector?
  • You should have knowledge of technology used in Banking.
  • You should know all about RBI like structure, working, policies etc.

Interview preparation tips for IBPS RRB PO/CLERK

  • As you all know that the preparation for nationalize bank and RRBs is same but there is major difference of questions to be asked in interview.
  • In RRBs, you should focus on govt. policies for rural people.
  • You should have complete knowledge about NABARD and funds provided by NABARD to RRBs because NABARD is regulator of RRBs.
  • As we all know that there is no common interview in RRBs. You will be appear for individual RRB so you should have a deep knowledge of that individual RRB like tagline, symbol, chairman working area, etc..

At last I want to tell you last thing but not the least that don’t try to make fool the interviewer. If you don’t know the answer say sorry don’t create fable. So from now be what you are and start your preparation. We will also provide you some tips/questions/answers in the form of interview crackers. We will try utmost to support you to get your job very soon.



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